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We are a company of diverse ideas and opinions. Our people come from all backgrounds and industries. The one thing we share is the commitment to excellent customer service. Everyone from the front desk to the back office has to work in unison to provide the best in service for our clients.




work/life balance at Astra

Work/life balance.

At The Astra Group, work/life balance is not just a buzzword; it is one of our core values. As Peter Drucker explained in this article in The Harvard Business Review, "They're not employees, they're people." Without this balance at any job, people get burnt out and their life and work deteriorates. The Astra Group is committed to stopping the cycle before it starts by respecting our employees' need for this balance. At The Astra Group, we work hard and we play hard.

Working At Astra

Working here.

You will find that respect, trust, and quality are also important core values that people working at The Astra Group possess and continue to strive for. Respect meaning that everyone has an attitude of admiration or esteem, is courteous in word and deed, and puts others i